Writing for the Humanities and Arts Home

Welcome to Writing for the Humanities and Arts, Spring 2019!

We will be studying and composing in a number of genres, and examining what it means to write for the humanities. This stretches beyond Art and Literature to cover History, Philosophy, Theater, Music, and Media Communications.

The assignments are designed to help you in your future careers, especially if you aim to work in the Humanities, which include teaching, curating, counseling, technical writing and journalism. You will learn how to create a focused report based on an interview, how to write an op-ed, how to write an informative review of an event, and how to write a compelling grant proposal. You will also create an online portfolio, and learn how to share your ideas in multimedia presentations.

The assignments will be evenly paced, with the final assignment—the grant proposal—being divided into tasks and completed as a group assignment. We will find ways to tailor each assignment to your interests.

This is a hybrid course, meaning part of our course will be conducted face to face, in the classroom, and part of the course will be conducted online. Each online session will involve a response in the relevant discussion board. Your participation both in the classroom and online will ensure a good outcome in this course.

See you in class!